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Day 3. Character you’d date:

Leorio Paladiknight

I recently read Yamada-kun and the 7 witches and I don’t regret it at all. It is truly a shipper’s paradise. No matter which ship you support they will most likely have a kiss scene or other moments together.

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It was SUPER worth it, and I’ve been drawing fanart like crazy these past weeks. :D …the only problem is now I want Hiroki to somehow have a happy ending, (not necesarily with Minami, just a happy ending) and the suspense is killing me.

Your fanart looks cool. I thinks this fandom really needs more fanart :D Now I really want to draw too, but I haven’t drawn for years….ugh…I need to practice…

And I really want Hiroki to have a happy ending, too. Even though I like her with Minami, I don’t want him to split up with Takao either. But if Glen and Veronica loved each other in the past, it would be so sad for Hiroki to not end up with Minami, just because he doesn’t remember it… D:  It’s so difficult when you ship MinamixTakao and MinamixHiroki…. I just want everybody to be happy in the end. But I hope Hiroki won’t end up with Moto. I don’t know why, but I can’t support that ship, though I still think he might have a chance with her.

Fall Season: Cool Tribe Crew

The fall season started and the first anime I watched was Cool Tribe Crew. To be honest, I only watched it because I had nothing better to do, but I’m glad I stumbled upon this series. The art isn’t really my cup of tea and this series is obviously aimed at young children, but it was suprisingly entertaining enough to keep me watching.

The story follows the young boy Haneru, who loves to dance. At his secret spot he trains every day in front of a window, not knowing that he isn’t as alone there as he thinks. On the other side of the window a girl named Kanon is watching him. Kanon is also a dancer and quite popular with her dancing videos, she uploads under her pseudonym Rhythm. When Haneru becomes aware that Rhythm, who’s dancing he admires, is on the other side, he follows her and asks her to form a team with him.

Cool Tribe Crew has Haneru as your typical shounen hero, quite energetic and positive, while Kanon seems to be a little shy. But I think they are both likeable characters. If you don’t mind watching kids anime and like to see dancing, you should give this series a try. Of course you can’t expect a super exciting never seen before kind of anime, but it’s probably an enjoyable series for in between.

We don't know each other but you've POISONED me! :D I read your "Hiroki is Glen" post simply because I like reading fandom things. But you made it sound so interesting that I had to start reading the manga! I've spent the last THREE HOURS reading Bokura no Kiseki. Thanks? And nice to meet you! I guess I'll be following you now. :)

Wow thanks! I’m glad you started reading the manga because of me. I feel honored :D  It was worth it, right? I absolutely love Bokura no Kiseki!

And thanks for following me :)

Oh it's me again, apologies... but it just dawned on me that (after reading up to pg 10 of that perfume thing)... what if Hiroki wants to push for forcible memory regaining, to have Harusumi/Veronica recall an I love you scene or something like that... unless he really never got to tell her. Or maybe something else would've happened. irk.

Thanks for pointing that perfume thing out. I actually wrote my theory before this part was scanlated, but I also think it’s definitely another proof. At first I thought that Hiroki was pushing the whole memory regaining thing, because she wanted Minami to remember more about Glen, too. But now that I’ve read more chapters, it seems to me that it doesn’t have anything to do with Veronica, but she is doing this for Bart. Maybe to find out why he died? I also think that Hiroki has given up on Minami, though she still loves him and wants to protect him. Maybe she doesn’t want to come between his relationship with Takao, because they are friends? Or maybe Glen already got rejected by Veronica in the past. Though I hope that’s not the case. I really hope Veronica returned his feelings…


There was a lot of contestshipping on my dash so I wanted to draw them ;v;